Don Oelze
- Native American artist/ Oil on canvas. Recording native american history on Canvas
Nancy Dunlop Cawdrey- western artist/ French dye on silk. An explosion of intence color on Silk.
Ron Haynes- Rancher cowboy, Western artist recording the working cowboy/ oil on canvas and board.
Steve Johnson- Western Artist/ Oil on canvas, Pastel and Pencil
Wanda Whaley- recording history in petroglif medium. Natural colors on stone. From Alberta canada
Darcy Presiloski- recording the canadian west. Oil on Canvas

Bronze Artists

Bradford J. Williams- Cowboy artist recording the western lifestyle in Bronze
David Lemon- recording the native american history of the west
Villam Zach- Bronze and oil on canvas artist/ from Calgary Alberta
Jan Sievers- Wildlife and western Bronze artist.